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We offer short yoga trips to beautiful Tallinn with experienced yoga teachers who will help you explore your mind and soul through morning and evening yoga classes. Our Yoga trips have one main focus: You and Yourself. You will also get plenty of time to explore the many other things that Tallinn has to offer such as its fantastic old town with lots of shopping for everyone and its numerous excellent spas. On the other hand you might just wish to relax and wind down on your own.

Come and join us and take that weekend you have always said to yourself you would take- a special few days just for yourself…


Our Company

Through Yoga of Estonia we are sharing our heart and soul with you. It is a two women undertaking as of now but we have high hopes for the future.

  • Our vision: To connect the art of yoga with the beautiful country of Estonia
  • Our mission: Yoga for your mind & soul. We offer weekend yoga retreats where you can join and experience yoga with our fantastic yoga teachers as well as enjoying Tallinn.

Company information:

Yoga of Estonia OÜ
reg code: 12974026
bank account: EE292200221063393685