Yoga of Estonia in Helsinki yoga festival 25th to 26th of Feb 2017!

We are happy to announce that our yoga teachers Gerli & Ereli will give healing yin yoga session in Helsinki Joogafestival on 25th of February!!!

Healing yin yoga (in English)
SATURDAY 25 Feb at 17:00, room 6

Theme of the class: Darkness is nothing else that absence of light…

We all come from silence and darkness therefore it is part of who we are. Yoga is the practice inside out, from darkness to light, from fear to love. Yin yoga is a wonderful way to step closer to yourself, to your joy, inner power and divinity. When we find the contact with silence and darkness, we find the contact with ourselves. Through yin yoga asanas we influence energy channels (meridians) to liberate energy blockages in our bodies. Life happens out of the comfort zone and through silence and darkness we find the courage to step into discomfort and unknown. Our yoga session is based on our 7-days journey under ground in complete darkness which helped us to understand more deeply the meaning of light.…/ohjaajat/gerli-ereli-jarv/