Yoga weekend in Tallinn 13th to 15th of May

We had a wonderful YOGA weekend!

We started the weekend with arriving at the hotel where all participants got their room and then we went out for lunch in a closeby park where we sat for a good few hours eating and drinking and just having a great time. In the evening we gathered all in the courtyard outside the hotel, it was time for everybody to introduce themselves and we had such a happy gang of people with us! We were 15 participants from Norway and Finland and immediately our “guide” Aili made us feel at home.

After the gathering we walked over to the yoga studio where Gerli and Ereli met up with us and it was a warm welcome into 1 1/2 h of Yin yoga. I love yin yoga! After the yoga we took the Whole Group to a very hip restaurant Close by where we all had some snacks and tea before it was time for bed;-)

The next day we all started the day with a beautiful breakfast before the vinyasa yoga that challenged us all to try out some handstand and new moves. After a demanding yoga session it was time for an hour of indulgence in the zen spa at the hotel. We all had a great time and we flooded the spa as we were all in the big tub at the same time;-). A few hours of free time that was spent resting, shopping, going to the spa getting a massage, facial etc.- the afternoon was spent in the most weird and wonderful places for all of our participants.

Evening yin yoga class again with Gerli and Ereli and I think we can all agree it was a relaxing and spiritual session! Dinner afterwards in this really cool Estonian Café style resaturant with amazing Food (also a lot for vegans and vegetarians). the last and final day we all joined for the last session of vinyasa yoga and then off to the airport for a part of the Group whilst the other part went back to the zen spa.

All in all a fantastic weekend with so many friendly yoga people and I hope to see you all again soon! Thanks for joining us and sharing our passion and seeing Tallinn from its best!


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