Our teachers

We are very proud and thankful that we have our two experienced and warm-hearted sisters Gerli and Ereli Järv to give you an amazing yoga experience with us in Tallinn. They are born and raised in Estonia and they have a joint passion for yoga. They run yoga studio (joogaruum) in Tallinn and they are without doubt the most popular yoga teachers in the city. Gerli and Ereli are schooled within different yoga practices because they are curious and interested all different forms of yoga and the lifestyle that goes with it. They simply live and breathe yoga everyday.

Ereli Järv about yoga

Yoga brought the necessary routine into my chaotic life. Through this routine I have moved closer and closer to myself, to my inner wisdom. I allow myself to enjoy life, the universe and others, including myself by trusting and loving. Yoga has become my lifestyle and being conscious in every moment has given me the chance to experience the life as it truly is.

While living in the moment, I know what is needed to create greater sense of satisfaction and happiness. Sometimes something needs to be done, some pattern of thought needs to be changed, a truth needs to be expressed. Knowing that all of these challenges will creative freedom inside and around me, I take them playfully and enjoy, even if it’s hard. Yoga taught me to understand my physical body. By learning to listen, respect and love my body, it has become my best companion, a mirror and a guide.

This newfound whole opens up a new depths in spiritual journey and is offering endless discoveries. My relationship with yoga is constantly changing as I am constantly changing and so are you and the whole universe. I allow myself to move forward, and I am open to a new truth if it comes to support me on my journey. My truth carries me!”

Gerli Järv about yoga

“In a relatively short period, yoga has embraced me totally and very organically it has become my lifestyle, which includes breathing, asana practice, meditation, diet, letting go, living in the moment as well as the presence of conscious feelings observation.

I really enjoy every step of this journey, these changes and developments, depths and heights, and the opportunities and obstacles, clarity and confusion … ..because so slowly, step by step, I can realize myself, my true me. Yoga has taught me, living in the moment, to accept ourselves and to love, and the enjoyment of life that welcomes change.

When teaching yoga to others I lean on my teacher Larry Scultzi principle – to share with others what I love and practice myself. And I am deeply grateful to all those people with whom I have had the opportunity to interact in Joogaroom because they are my teachers, and thanks to them I more clearly understand my strengths and weaknesses and I develop as teacher and human being. Namaste!”

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